Project SAFE (Seeking actively for employment)

Under Nordplus Programme / Nordplus Adult 2016

As the other European countries, the Nordic countries have ageing populations. It causes economical and social challenges to the governments, societies, communities and each of as. The exchange of the experience in these outstanding problems solving between Nord/Baltic region countries is the possible way to contribute to it. The project SAFE is targeted to the people 50+ and the challenges they have to face while competing in the labour market. Partnering organizations from the 5 Nord/Baltic region countries identified and agreed on the problems could be solved by partnership in Nordplus adult programme. Project activities will combine analysis of the current situation of the people 50+ in each country to meet the needs of the labour market with the innovative training program. Self-empowering by identifying and developing professional and personal skills, entrepreneurial and ICT skills will be trained in it. The active role in the project is designed to the on-going project activities dissemination, successful entrepreneurship stories in the age group people 50+, training programme presentation. The authors of the project, seeks to foster people 50+ consider self-employment as a possibility to develop social relationships, overcome barriers and stay active in the labour market. Project partner’s plans to exchange, adopt and present ideas to form positive background for the target groups representatives to seek independence and self-fulfillment and contribute to benefit of Nord/Baltic countries from the growing number of economically active people in the Region.

Project partners: