Kuressaare Gümnaasium
Is the biggest educational establishment in Saaremaa county. This year we have 1112 students from 7 to 18 years old, 75 teachers are working in our school. Our school was established in 1978.

Study system
The speciality of our study system is period study: the study year is divided into 5 periods (a' 35 days), in every period each student has only 6-7 subjects. All subjects have been divided into 35-lesson courses. As students have less subjects in one period, it makes the study process more intensive. The study groups of the lines are formed according to the students choise, compulsory courses take place by the whole class.

Study lines
The school offers optional subjects set, which together with obligatory subjects make up one study line (program).Our school offers 6 study lines: humanities, social sciences, natural sciences,sciences, info technology and economy. The schooling programme "AXEL" is used to organise the schoolwork. AXEL forms schedule for each student contains database of our school and quite soon it will give us the review of students grades and teachers plans for courses.

Schooling centre "Osilia"
Schooling centre "Osilia" is a unit of our Kuressaare Gymnasium. Its general costs are covered by the city, but other expenses must be covered from own resources. The main goal of Osilia is teachers' advanced training. Also the schooling centre is enable: a) arrangement of lectures, courses and conferences; b) arrangement of computer and language courses; c) arrangement of distant education; d) qualified communication with the international computer networks; e) to use special literature. The schooling centre should be engaged to a maximum extent both adult education, regular schoolwork and hobby clubs. Courses in environmental protection, mathematics for secondary school graduates, English, psychology, training of headmasters, SME training, anti - AIDS programmes and for example economical geography have also been arranged.

Computer equipment
KG has rather good computer equipment and also two computer classes with a connection to the ocal network and to the Internet.

Student exchange
KG has student exchange projects with Narva Pähklimäe Gymnasium (russian-speaking students) and with Turu Colleges (Finland).

Updated 10 April 1999
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